Read what clients have to say about working with Robyn L. Stein

Alison Bowers, daughter of Roslyn Bowers regarding her move from a four-bedroom apartment to a one-bedroom apartment at an independent living facility| NYC
“I can’t thank you enough for all you did. What an incredible service you provide for families. We could never have made this move without you.”


Kathy Najimy, actor and activist | NYC
“We recently moved into a NYC apartment and Robyn came to the rescue to assist my capable moving team to work with me for several weeks. She has an eye for what fits into which box, which space and in what order, and she made the move more efficient and FUN. I highly recommend.”


Alicia Bailey, artist / gallerist | Denver, CO
“When I finally woke up to the reality that my DIY approach to every problem was only bringing on more anxiety, I hired Robyn as a strategic planner and organizer. With Robyn’s help I was able to commit to downsizing and relocating my art business without losing track of my original concept or client base. Although moving day isn’t for several months, the process no longer scares or saddens me. Much of what creative professionals grapple with goes beyond decisions about tangibles. Robyn used her wisdom and training to suss out obstacles, both obvious and lurking beneath the surface of my words, with great regard for my stated and unstated goals.”


Mor Mendel, Dancer/Teacher | NYC

I had a very productive and informative coaching meeting with Robyn. I arrived to the meeting confused as I am in a transition period, moving from one career trajectory to the “unknown”. Robyn guided me through my questions and concerns, helped me place things in order to clearly formulate what I’m looking for. She was also very helpful with building a budget that will allow me to go through this transition time. This meeting was really what I needed to see things clearly again and take the next step. Thank you wonderful Robyn!!!


Daryl Marx, Mahwah, NJ

I recently had the pleasure of working with Robyn Stein to assist in moving my mother from the Hallmark at Battery Park to an assisted living facility in Mahwah, New Jersey. She was the person who took on the responsibility of the complete move: from organizing and helping my mother rid herself of “stuff”: to packing and contacting and organizing the movers. In fact, she was there right up to the moment the movers loaded the truck and left.

By hiring Robyn, it took the responsibility off of myself and my brother. She absolutely made this an easy transition for all involved. …I am a very grateful daughter.


David Theirgartner, interior designer | NYC

“It was definitely time to rethink my small office space and Robyn jumped in to facilitate. With more than my fair share of tile, wood, fabric, and paint samples, we tossed out bags and bags and organized for easy retrieval. Robyn really listened. My office now reflects my work style — with my project piles front and center and my huge mass of drafting supplies at the ready.”  


Geoffrey Knox, communications strategist | NYC

“Robyn was an enormous help and an essential factor in the transformation of my office space.  Not only was she wisely relentless about showing me what could and should be thrown out but she also had a vision about how to take what furniture and accessories remained and put them to far better use.  The result is a much more practical and aesthetically pleasing office.  It seems trite to say, “I couldn’t have done it without her,”  but it’s completely true.”



Kelly Sweet, singer / songwriter | LA & Kanab, Utah
“Robyn kept me on task without getting overwhelmed when it came time to clean out and/or get ready to sell my parent’s homes. She’s very quick to understand the room and its contents, and has a unique understanding of what should be kept and what should be tossed. Her work ethic is superb, she gets the job done! She is both fast and thorough while still maintaining a real sense of sensitivity to the emotional connection of your things.”



Astris Mess

Astri Delafield, NYC  “Robyn, the organizing lady, came to my door, and cheerfully helped me with some of my mess. Her positive energy was upbeat as I tend to get discouraged and lie down and wait for the feeling to go “away”. She helped with my hats, scarves and gloves and there was even time to organize the piles of music on the piano. I heartedly recommend her services. She made my project fun!”


MaryAnne Davis, artist and ceramicist, Davistudio| Spencertown, NY

“My commitment to working with Robyn goes back to the early 2000’s when she suggested design ideas to increase efficiency in my porcelain studio. I continue to hire her to develop and implement communications strategy to broaden the reach and visibility for my giftware and dinnerware. And — she recently came in to reorganize my office to accommodate space for my business manager”



Irma Intraub, Kennett Square, PA

“My husband and I were forced to downsize from our home of 50+ years to assisted living after several months of rehab. I was in no shape to figure out what would fit and where. Robyn knew just what had to be tossed, where to put things, how to fix up the closets. And, when I moved into a smaller room, Robyn did it again, this time in about a minute.”

Irmas New Room


Drew Levinson, Boulder, CO
“As my son started first grade, I felt we needed a space for him to sit quietly and read. Robyn came into his room and turned the shelving unit to create a secret corner. With the addition of a bean bag chair, he is set. We took photos of the space before and after…a subtle change…Bennett is thrilled!”

Bennetts Room 2 

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