PHYSICAL: Organize & Move

candys-studio-threeGertrude Stein once said, “If perfection is good, more perfection is better…and that’s certainly true of organizing.”

Believe it or not, when you organize your space it can be freeing and satisfying. Interested in finding out more? Call or write Robyn to schedule a consultation. Together you’ll develop a set of attainable goals and establish priorities for you or your client’s project. Depending on what you’re looking for, Robyn will suggest a realistic timeline and budget so that you can get started. Check out what people are saying.


  • Overstuffed living room shelves, television cabinetry and clutter in every room?
  • An office filled with files and a desk piled high with papers and unidentified stuff?
  • Messy drawers and counter in your kitchen?
  • A tiny apartment and a baby on the way? Or are you becoming an empty nester?
  • Your storage unit or room(s) filled to the brim?
  • Time to redecorate?

“…Robyn really listens. My office now reflects my work style — with my project piles front and center and my huge mass of drafting supplies at the ready.” David Theirgartner, NYC Interior Designer.



“Robyn, the organizing lady…helped with my hats, scarves and gloves and there was even time to organize the piles of music on the piano. I heartedly recommend her services. She made my project fun!” Astri Delafield, NYC

Sick of looking at clutter?

Robyn can transform your living and/or work space so that it’s functional and shows-off it’s best qualities. Together you’ll tackle a closet that needs weeding or a room needing a redesign. You’ll decide what to keep, what to toss and what to donate… and everything will be left in order.

“I couldn’t even see the floor in my closet until Robyn came over and found places for everything. It made a world of difference!” Beth, NYC 


Moving can be a stressful time for all! Robyn will evaluate your space, speak with and get estimates from movers, help to clean and box up your stuff, rent the dumpster, arrange for donation pick-up and manage the movers on both ends.

  • Moving your parents into an assisted-living facility?
  • Relocating or combining houses?

“We recently moved into a NYC apartment and Robyn came to the rescue…She has an eye for what fits into which box, which space and in what order, and she made the move more efficient and FUN.”

An impartial participant, Robyn provides extra hands at any stage to make the entire process more pleasant and manageable.


Life changes (or milestones) bring questions about your life, your space, your budget, your city, your state of mind. Robyn meets with you to consider your personal objectives, but can be as simple as determining your budget, whether you need a slight career adjustment or if travel adventures are in your future.

  • Time to reassess your life and work?
  • Moving or changing your living, studio and work spaces?
  • Should you stay in your current work situation or make adjustments?
  • Do you want to relook at your income and budget?
  • How can you incorporate travel into your work life?

The road ahead may seem daunting, but can be manageable and clear cut. And she can help you figure out a realistic timeline and other tools you’ll need to succeed.

Contact Robyn at or 917.763.0484.