PHYSICAL: Moving For Seniors


“By hiring Robyn, it took the responsibility off of myself and my brother. She absolutely made this an easy transition for all involved… I am a very grateful daughter.”  Daryl Marx, Daughter of Lorraine, Mahwah, NJ

Moving seniors from their lifelong homes to and from assisted living facilities can be stressful for the entire family. This was the case for Lorraine, who moved to a new facility in the spring of 2016.

Before the actual move, Lorraine needed to downsize.

Robyn cleans out, organizes and moves people, relieving stress and managing logistics. She works with assisted living facilities, such as Brookdale, Atria and Brandywine, and understands their needs and requirements. She is sensitive to emotional issues that come up and the importance of flexibility. Robyn will work with your family to:

  • Assess Your Needs: Examine the space, your goals and a proposed move date. Consider furniture, clothing and personal items to determine what fits, what needs to be tossed/donated.
  • Design | Organize Your New Space: Plan and place furniture and belongings.
  • Coordinate Arrangements with Movers: Obtain estimates, provide an itemized moving list, estimate boxes & supplies, create a schedule and act as key contact.
  • Provide and Manage Logistics: Create a packing and moving schedule and guide you should you want to personally pack framed pieces, valuables and other items.
  • Clean out | Pack and Donate: Take the time needed to do the work with Robyn at the helm, including determining packing supplies and arranging for donation pick-ups or drop-offs.
  • Coordinate with Assisted or Independent Living Facility: Finalize all plans, scheduling and insurance needs. Be on site to manage move-in &/or move out.

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